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Training Area

Training Area

In the Training Area you will see a list of recently received mails. Press the Spam or the Non-Spam button to mark a mail as spam or non-spam, respectively. Click on “Learn” to tell Spamihilator to examine the marked mails and provide new information to the Learning Filter.

You can view the sender, subject and date/time of the mail. By default, the list will be sorted by date/time, but you can specify another order by clicking on the column headers.

View View a mail by clicking on this button, or simply double-click the mail.

Spam Press the Spam button to mark a mail as spam.

Non-Spam Press the Non-Spam button if a mail is not spam!

Pre-Mark Press this button to Pre-Mark all spam mails that have been previously recognized.

Learn Press the “Learn” button to tell Spamihilator to learn from marked mails.

Delete Delete a mail by clicking on this button.

Help Click on this button to get help.

Block senders or add them to your friends

You can right-click on a mail in the Training Area to define the sender as a friend or block his mails permanently. Choose either “Add sender to blocked sender list” or “Add sender to my friends”.

Popup Menu

Switch to the Recycle Bin

Click on the additional icon in the window’s menu to quickly switch to the Recycle Bin!

Shortcut Button

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