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Filter Properties

Filter Properties

Spamihilator checks every incoming mail for Spam by using certain filters (see Filter Methods).


You can extend Spamihilator’s filtering capabilities with Plugins. You should always leave the option “Enable Plugin Filters” enabled. If you need to disable a specific Plugin, you can do so in the Plugins section.

Automatic Learning

The Learning Filter must be trained to work reliably. Therefore you should use the Training Area.

If you enable the options “Automatically learn from messages from my friends” or “Automatically learn from messages from blocked senders” respectively, you won’t need to mark mails from these senders in the Training Area manually.

Spamihilator can automatically learn from the Recycle Bin. If you enable “Automatically learn from restored messages from the Recycle Bin”, the program will mark a restored mail as non-spam in the Training Area and will automatically learn from it. The mail will no longer be in the Training Area after this procedure.

These options affect all learning plugins.

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