Cooperation with antivirus (avast)

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Cooperation with antivirus (avast)

Beitragvon Gast » 8. Jul 2004, 00:04


did someone in here tried to use spamihilitaor at the same time as some antivirus? I installed Spami on computer where is running Avast already. It checks incoming mail for viruses, and settings for it in IE is sinmilar with spami, but it use separator in user name # instead of & like spami.
So the settings for some account in OE looked like this before spami:
servers both
pop3 port 110

I tried to run spami on port 111 and configure like this:
servers both
pop3 port 111

But it doesn't work, there appears window of spami, but OE gives error number 0x800CCC0F

So how to configure IE and Spami to work at the same time with antivirus?

Thanks for help


Re: Cooperation with antivirus (avast)

Beitragvon Gast » 8. Jul 2004, 00:14

in client.log is like this:

Client Log started at: 08.07.2004 - 01:12:35
01:12:35 S: +OK Ready
01:12:35 C: USER
01:12:35 S: +OK Username accepted
01:12:35 C: PASS ********
01:12:35 S: -ERR Spamihilator: Wrong username/password

But the password is correct...

Re: Cooperation with antivirus (avast)

Beitragvon bbfi » 8. Jul 2004, 00:44

I use Thunderbird for my email program but it should work the same for Outlook Express. Visit;action=display;threadid=3413;start=msg24670#msg24670 for my setup and if you want, read the entire post at the Avast forum. :)
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Re: Cooperation with antivirus (avast)

Beitragvon jorolat » 2. Aug 2004, 08:16

Hi Cony,

There's some useful info in the Avast! forums - for example:;action=display;threadid=3413

Hope this helps!

John Latter
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