How to use Spamihilator with Outlook 2010

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How to use Spamihilator with Outlook 2010

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How to use Spamihilator with Outlook 2010

Theoretical background:

1. Spamihilator works like a proxy in-between your remote mail-server and your local mail-client (Outlook or others).

2. The spam-filter Spamihilator operates with the mail download (retrieval to the inbox) only, not with the sending.

3. The SSL/TLS-security is therefore needed between Spamihilator and mail-server only, not between mail-client and Spamihilator.

4. The filtering works with a Bayesian filter, a spam-word filter, a rules filter, a link filter, and several other intelligent filters.

Practical guideline:

1. Open the mail-account settings in your mail-client (Outlook by example).

2. Configure your mail account for the use with Spamihilator (see also in the screen-shots):

a) Change the incoming mail-server: “” -> “localhost”.
b) Modify the user name field: “” -> “”.
c) SPA is not required.
d) Activate “sending (SMTP) requires authentification”.
e) Use seperate settings for the sending server, and enter the sending informations extra.
f) Chose the incoming mail server port 110, SSL not activated – other than requested primarily by the mail-provider!
g) Keep the sending server port as required by your mail-server, SSL/TLS activated, if requested by the mail-provider.
h) After saving the new settings, I recommend to close and restart the mail-client now.

3. Open the Spamihilator settings by right-click on the tray icon:

a) Be sure to have activated or keep activated the SSL/TLS-settings within Spamihilator.
b) If you encounter trouble with the mail-download with SSL/TLS, it may be helpful to delete the mail-servers stored in Spamihilator in order to let them be rebuilded automatically (connection > SSL/TLS > secure connection (SSL/TLS) > known hosts > delete all).
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