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Re: update list of priorities

Beitragvon Chactory » 21. Dez 2008, 13:57

Hello Rein,

thank you for your contribution. Since Zaxon didn't answer until now, I have looked over his postings and updated some sentences. I hope that this could be useful for you.

Zaxons recommendations concisely updated (05.08.2014, ~Chactory)

Filter sequence

1. Filters which detect NON-SPAM only should be set to the highest/first position.
2. Filters that protect your safety come second.
3. Strong and accurate filters which detect SPAM only follow now, still at high priority.
4. Special case filters which detect SPAM only should follow in the middle field of the sequence.
5. Spam Word Filter detecting SPAM only and Learning Filter classifying SPAM and NON-SPAM come at last.
6. Configure your filters following your own needs and habits.
7. Watch your results using the Statistics Plugin, and promote accurate filters up the list, but place less accurate filters down the list or delete it.
8. Care for FALSE-POSITIVES much more than for FALSE-NEGATIVES.
9. Use the friends list carefully, but use it, particularly for important business partners and your chef.
10. Don't pollute the blocked senders list with all the SPAM you get, only add repeating SPAM senders and unwanted newsletters.
11. Be careful with wildcards in the lists, better don't add any.
12. Watch your newsletters, because they may track you with links or imbedded images with links, and they may pollute your Learning Filter.
13. With the expert options, you may configure the filter behaviour of every filter, but act carefully, again.

Recommended Filters and Extras

- distributed within the Spamihilator installer:

· Friends List 1) allows mails from senders contained in the list.
· Blocked Senders blocks mails from senders listed.

· Attachment Filter blocks mails with defined attachments.
· DCC Filter filters mass mails recognized by a hash count delivered to the DCC extracted from mails of the DCC contributers.
· Image Filter filters mails containing images reloading from the web.
· Learning Filter (Bayesian Filter) allows or filters mails by assessing their good words and spam words.
· Link Filter filters mails containg spam urls.
· Newsletter Filter filters mails with a listserver adress or a subject entered in it's list or a senders list.
· Rules Filter checks mails with a list of rules. A very powerful filter, and it is possible to create own filter rules. If you want to use my rules file with a charset filter and a country positive filter, go to «rulefilter file (rulefilter.db)» and save the file into the appdata spamihilator rulefilter section.
· Spam Word Filter sieves mails containing pre-defined spam words. You may download an updated «spamword file (spampoints.xml)» and save it into the programs\spamihilator folder (just overwrite the older file).

- distributed as plugin:

· Addressee Filter 2) filters mails not addressed to one of your mail addresses.
· AIR Filter 0.1.5 2) filters mails whose recipients are suspiciously similar.
· Attachment Extensions Filter v0.9.6 2) sieves or allows mails with specific attachments.
· Charset Plugin 3)*) recognizes mails with unusual character sets.
· Empty Mail Filter v1.3.2 *) filters mails which are empty or only containing an inline attachment or an attachment.
· Foreign language Filter 2) recognizes spam mails in some foreign languages.
· Hercule Filter 4) sieves mails showing some typical spam behaviour.
· Misnamed Filter compares the mail address with the fitting real name.
· Mystic-Signs-Filter 1.1.1 2) filters mails containing weird characters in the subject line.
· Outgoing Friends keeps the addresses you send mails to as friends.
· Scripts Filter v1.2.2 recognizes mails containing scripts.
· Signature Filter 0.5.2 2) *) allows mails when containing a defined signature.
· Strange-Country-Filter v 1.1.0 2) *) filters mails coming from strange countries.
· Trust SpamAssassin Headers allows mails containing SpamAssassin appraisal.
· Unclassified Filter v1.2.2 sorts out all mails not classified by Spamihilator.

· Filter Statistics v1.1.3 shows a comprehensive statistic analysis.
· LiveStats allows to show your Spamihilator statistics in your signature.

1) My favorites printed in bold fonts.
2) Not updated, but still working with me. If no installer, perhaps you have to copy the dll file into the program plugin folder.
3) Not yet updated, still working, copy the dll file into the program plugin folder. I'm using a newer inofficial beta.
4) Very promising, but not yet updated, false positive filterings when not set accurately.
*) Rebuilt with a rule within the Rules Filter.

Regards, Chactory
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