[English] Use external function to restore and training

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[English] Use external function to restore and training

Beitragvon Gast » 19. Okt 2004, 18:37

Hello. I want to change XML file to restore mails in trash.
Example :
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<recyclefile name="2453298_173923_156ccad9.recycle" date="2453271" time="14:34" subject="Jusqu=27=E0_10=25_de_r=E9duction_cette_semaine_!" spamwords="=5BFiltre_d=27apprentissage=5D_=3A_promotions=2C_l=27identifiant=2C_tracking=2C_r=E9ductions=2C_inspiron=2C_reduction=2C_click=2C_dell" uid="fbe39a3293999a1a23269f6bcafd1b95" probability="0.9900" account="srvremi_=40_pop=2Email=2Eyahoo=2Ecom" Protocol="POP3" sender="Affiliation_Dell" address="no=5Freply=40ext=2Etradedoubler=2Ecom" size="4197" lines="-1" stay="0"/>

I want ton add restored="1" and explain to spamihilator to restore files with this tag.

Same for the training.


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