Ideas for taskbar menu & program speedup

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Ideas for taskbar menu & program speedup

Beitragvon benher » 20. Apr 2007, 22:54

On the taskbar menu, having an option in the menu for [add friend] and [add block sender] choices would be nice.

If you've just sent an email to someone and absolutely need to see the reply, just right click on the taskbar icon, choose menu [add friend]...and type or paste the address.

For speeding up the program...keeping statistics on the following items for each plugin would allow users to change priorities for fastest spam identification.

* total spams identified by a plugin
* average time required per spam
* average time required to identify mail as not spam
* percentage of false positives (mails later identified as non-spam in training or recycle bin)
* percentage of false negatives (mails which were identifed by spam by other plugins and which the user agreed were spams by emptying or deleting)

The program could then offer auto-prioritize based on these statistics (move the fastest and most accurate plugins to the top of the list, etc.)
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Re: Ideas for taskbar menu & program speedup

Beitragvon Bob Loeffler » 27. Apr 2007, 18:24

Hi benher,

That first suggestion would be a cool one to have. :-)

Some of the statistics that you mentioned are already in the Filter Statistics plugin, but there is currently no way to auto-prioritize. The "average time required..." statistics don't exist, so the developer would have to put those into the Spamihilator program. He has a lot of other things to work on, so I don't know if this could be done any time soon. But, maybe he can put it on the "wish list".


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Re: Ideas for taskbar menu & program speedup

Beitragvon Chactory » 28. Apr 2007, 22:33

Hi Benher and Bob!

This is exciting. But I guess, on Michel Krämer's todo list, first comes programming a stable Spamihilator version. Then comes perfecting the Spamihilator service provider. And then perhaps optimizing the fuzzy methods of spam recognition and filter settings.

Regards, Chactory
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