Export Senders Plugin v0.9.0 is now available!

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Export Senders Plugin v0.9.0 is now available!

Beitragvon Bob Loeffler » 21. Feb 2005, 08:10

Hi all,

I have uploaded a new plugin called Export Senders Plugin v0.9.0 to the Spamihilator website on the Plugins/Add-Ons page. It is an add-on that doesn't do any e-mail filtering.

This plugin utility allows you to export the e-mail addresses of Friends or Blocked Senders (or both) to text files. You can then import them into another installation of Spamihilator or even many e-mail clients. The data can be written to the text file in comma- or tab-delimited format. You can also choose whether you want the senders name or e-mail address to be written first.

Most people won't need this plugin, but I made it just in case some of you do need it. :-)

Please let me know if you find any problems or have suggestions. There are currently no help files. They will be made for version 1.0.


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