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Enter Network Password-all the time??? (Bugs?)

BeitragVerfasst: 17. Jun 2016, 17:27
von roof55
Hi folks.
I was doenload the latest version of smpamihilator.
Was running wizzard, the E mail reader chossen to Outlook (2003 ver. are listed, not Outlook 2007 as I'm using). All well so fare, but after some time, the pop up message to Enter Network Password occur. Have deleted all my e post accunt, re-run wizzard. All ok, pending unit 30-40 minutes. Pop ups to enter password occur again.

Server: It's correct, but shuld it be here? Should it be directed to my computer as server, or now it's directed to my ISP provider (?)

User it's correct!

Why is this? :roll: