Small trivial bug that be easy to fix most likely.

Haben Sie einen Fehler in Spamihilator entdeckt?

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Small trivial bug that be easy to fix most likely.

Beitragvon Gast » 29. Apr 2004, 18:17

Sorry about english :)

What I find "annoying" with Spamihilator, that it reports "wrong" amount of spam. I know this is trivial thing, but I've been keeping reports about change of amount in spam, and because of this bug I have to keep actually calculate amount of spam myself unless I check it exactly when time changes from 23:59 to 00:00.

Problem seems lie in fact that Spamihilator wrongly takes account timezone + daylight saving. In here I have timezone +2 gmt with daylight saving => +0300 time difference.

Spamihilator only counts spam from that +0300 to 25:59:59 or so. All spam count between 00:00 and 03:00 are lost IF I check mails during that period.

There must be little slip in code how it takes account time :)

I know this "bug" is very small/trivial. But as I said, I've been keeping track of change in spam amounts and it really starts annoy after while when I need either count spam, or make sure I do not check mails between 00:00 and 03:00 :)

I hope this little bug could be fixed some point, hopefully :)

Still, great program, thank you for that :)

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