Spamihilator Not Downloading Large Emails

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Spamihilator Not Downloading Large Emails

Beitragvon TronixA » 19. Mai 2019, 13:02

I use Thunderbird as my mail client of choice. I noticed that when I receive large emails (+4MB), Spamihilator will simply show the "downloading mail" animation on and on and then the Thunderbird mail client seems to just time out and I have to then shut down Spami, close out Thunderbird, and then manually download the images though the web interface for my email so Spami and Thunderbird doesn't attempt to download it.

I checked and made sure that the "large attachment" rule was on and that the "Rule Filter" is set to the #1 priority. This doesn't seem to help at all. Has anyone had any success in getting Spami to process large emails and, if so, what did you set in the program to fix the issue?

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Re: Spamihilator Not Downloading Large Emails

Beitragvon rburn99 » 14. Jun 2019, 15:43

I've never had an issue with attachments of any size nor have I ever had to set anything in either thunderbird or spamihilator to allow them. There is a setting in thunderbird that will block emails greater than a certain size but it is not configured by default. It's in Thunderbird Tools/Account Settings/Disk Space.
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