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Spam Emails

Beitragvon smithassoc » 21. Mai 2018, 02:47

Hi,Can you please assist
I Have a Desktop Computer Windows 7 bit 64 & also a
Laptop Computer Windows 7 bit 32
My Problem is on my main Computer Desktop Bit 64
When I download emails (several times per day) I have approx 17-25 Spam & Blocked senders per day for which is very annoying
If I download my emails on my Laptop,I do not have any of these Spam & Blocked emails
I have not altered any settings within Spamihilator
Please advise if you can Help
Thank you Darryl
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Re: Spam Emails

Beitragvon renato » 25. Mai 2018, 21:39

I need more information.
For example:
POP3 or IMAP account
what kind of mail client (Outlook??/Thunderbird or??) is used
same settings on both computers (Mailclient/Spamihilator)
Retrieve the mail first on which computer
by the way: I can't support Windows 7, all my computers have Windows 10
Viele Grüsse Renato
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Fast schon ein Mitarbeiter
Fast schon ein Mitarbeiter
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