Spamihilator hangs - unknown port conflicts

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Spamihilator hangs - unknown port conflicts

Beitragvon djwind » 27. Aug 2016, 14:59

I've been using Spamihilator for over 10 years together with Outlook 2003 initially and for the past 5 years with Outlook 2010 with no problems. Lately, it started to hang when checking my 4 email accounts. If I close both Spamihilator and Outlook and restart them, Spamihilator tells me to change the ports of Outlook email servers, which always worked in the past without any problems. It tells me it being used by "another" program, which is not true. To try to solve the problem, I reboot, then it works for a while, downloads the emails, and then, suddenly, it hangs again. I use the Windows 7 firewall and Microsoft Security Essentials and they never conflicted with Spamihilator or Outlook. I thought it could be my browsers. I use IE, Firefox and Maxthon. Again there is no conflict because I tried several times not opening them after reboot to check if they were the cause of conflict. Next I uninstalled Spamihilator and re-install it. Did not resolve the problem.
Hence, I run out of options. Any ideas why Spamihilator is hanging?
Another issue I noted is that when I open the training window it takes a while to open and to allow me to spam/not spam it. Till this problem started, it would open instantly with no delays.
You could respond directly to my email -
Thanks. Daniel
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Re: Spamihilator hangs - unknown port conflicts

Beitragvon Chactory » 16. Nov 2016, 21:10

Hello djwind!

Sorry, no precise idea ... Problem with "Lernender Filter"?

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