5NO, 6NO error with IMAP server

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5NO, 6NO error with IMAP server

Beitragvon Pierre-Yves » 16. Apr 2016, 16:14

I have used spamihilator for a long time: thanks for this useful software :D .

I have had no problem with pop3 servers.

But, with imap4 server configuration, I regularly meet errors after spamihilator has sent the mail. It is unable to save the sent message in the "sent message" folder located on the imap server. :twisted:

Any idea?

Re: 5NO, 6NO error with IMAP server

Beitragvon Gast » 16. Apr 2016, 16:19

Complement: if I stop spamihilator after the error, and restart it, then push the retry save message in sent folder, the message is properly saved in the folder.

My mail app is Thunderbird 45.

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