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Beitragvon MarkTwain » 20. Aug 2015, 22:27

I wrote a detailed question on 14 August, as I am having a problem configuring a third-party webmail. When I logged in here and instructed forum to go to my posts, no post was found. Do I have to start again? See below.

I have three email accounts. Outlook 2010 is my work account, set up w/normal POP settings.
Mail is forwarded from a company online account, which is shared.
That is the account ( I want to protect. First, their spam filter and other filters are not working, and because I have SPAM turned off, all of my mail is still being dumped into spam. Do I need the server information (login/password) for that specific account or am I going to make a mistake using it here? Since it is not my mail account alone - and maintained by others, I do not have access. I don't want to put protection on everybody's email, just mine.

My Outlook spam under control. @sbcglobal (my primary account) spam is under control.
Webmail 1and1 spam is OUT of control. Was I headed in the proper direction - since I do not need Spami on Outlook or Primary (ATT/SBC)?

Please help.
Thank you.
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