I don't understand Account Information

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I don't understand Account Information

Beitragvon wwsmith64 » 11. Jan 2015, 17:47

I just don't understand the account information page in setup.
Is it asking me to create another account record in Outlook that points to my local machine as the server? If so then what is the password to that account? I would expect that is Spamihilator created a local mailserver on my machine with this account, somewhere the password would be defined.
On the other hand, if spamihilator wants me to create the specified account on my pop3 (CPANEL) email server, then I have a problem, because the specified address is not a valid email address according to CPanel.

I have searched for almost an hour and am confused why no one else has this confusion?!?!?
I am using Outlook 2010, and Spamihilator was unable to detect my email client at start of setup.

Thanks for any help - looking forward to being a supporter of your great product.

Re: I don't understand Account Information

Beitragvon Quellcore » 12. Jan 2015, 01:30

Hello wwsmith64!


Does this help you?

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