Feature Request: "Don't Ask Again" for no secure connect msg

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Feature Request: "Don't Ask Again" for no secure connect msg

Beitragvon JMThomas » 3. Mai 2014, 15:57

I frequently receive the pop-up saying that Spamihilator can not make a secure connection to a server, and asking if Spamihilator should try to make an unsecure connection.

Because I am often away from my PC for longer periods, this modal dialog can stay on my screen. It blocks further processing in Spamihilator, and consequently my mail program, until dismissed.

I always reply "no", and would like this reply to be made automatically for me.

Can a "remember my answer and don't ask me again" check box be added to the message?

Please and Thank-you!
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Re: Feature Request: "Don't Ask Again" for no secure connect

Beitragvon Chactory » 4. Mai 2014, 14:51

Hi JMThomas!

Thank you for your watchings and for your request. You are right with the facts, and you are not the first one to object them.

Unfortunately, this item is not yet added to the todo list of Michel Krämer, the program author of Spamihilator. Due to his professional career, he will not update the program very soon, but if there is a chance for him to work on Spamihilator again, he should recognize your request on a higher priority, than before.

Best regards,
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Re: Feature Request: "Don't Ask Again" for no secure connect

Beitragvon Quellcore » 4. Jan 2015, 05:10

Hello JMThomas!

you might be able to make manual adjustments for SSL in the List of known Servers or even disable "autoamtically enable SSL/TLS"
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