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Beitragvon Bob » 18. Apr 2014, 12:05

The configuration wizzard changed all my email incoming server settings so Thunderbird just gave an error message instead of retrieving mail, had to change them all back.

I try to contact support, only to find it is not possible. Have to come to a forum. Page said "If you need urgent help, you can visit the German Spamihilator Discussion Board. There is also a Forum for English users. Please use the Search feature first, before you create a new thread."

Click the English users link, and it opens up a German forum. When registering, its gave the option of selecting British, which I did, then the next page goes back to German.

Utter tosh.
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Re: rubbish

Beitragvon Chactory » 18. Apr 2014, 16:42

Hello Bob!

It is true, that the mail-account wizard sometimes fails to set up the changes for retrieving mails with Spamihilator. It is very easy to learn in the online-help or in the forum, how to fix the entries in your mail-account.

This is a free software, and you surely know by yourself, that you can’t expect support by a phone hotline or by personal mail support. If you had tried to read one or two discussions in this forum, you would have found, that the support works friendly and most times efficiently.

Many content Spamihilator users know its merit, and your comment shows only your own problems.


PS: I have moved your posting to the correct forum section.
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