Emails not appearing in Training area

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Emails not appearing in Training area

Beitragvon PeteKin1 » 18. Feb 2014, 03:26

No emails are appearing in Training area.

Oh am I sorry I tried this program

Beitragvon PeteKin1 » 18. Feb 2014, 04:11

I tried Spami. Boy I wish I hadn't!
No effect whatsoever on any email, even blatent spam. Nothing at all in training area. No changes anywhere to Outlook menus or anything else. Yet it is running.
Spami changed Outlook log ons, so I can't send emails through my Access database anymore.
So I removed it - Hooray, or so I thought.
But the darn thing has changed my Outlook 2010 log on - either the username or password. Now, when I open Outlook I get a log on dialog. Problem is, the username and password I have been using for the last 6 years now won't work.
Now every minute I get the stupid Outlook dialog asking for my log on info. This pops up on top of whatever I am working on.
What do I do?
On top of that all that, instructions, headings and buttons on this so called english language forum are in german.
Your page does not recognize when I CORRECTLY type in the Bestätigungscode. Usually takes 2 or 3 attempts.
Pretty frustrating all round.

Re: Oh am I sorry I tried this program

Beitragvon Chactory » 20. Feb 2014, 00:01

Hello PeteKin1!

If you wanted help, I could give you some clarification and advice. If your strongest motivation is just to let off steam, that's not the purpose of a help forum.

Kind regards,
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