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IMAP login

Beitragvon rwears » 24. Jul 2013, 01:33

I am using Pegasus (win32) mail client, trying to connect to my university's IMAP server via Spami.

The log files suggest that Spami is passing my user id correctly to the IMAP server, but the IMAP password (required by the university) is not being passed, so I cannot connect or retrieve messages.

The status window opens (so I presume the local configuration is correct), but never shows a connection or any messages retrieved.

I don't see anywhere in the configuration settings that I can specify the IMAP password.

Thanks in advance for any advice

Bob Wears
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Re: IMAP login

Beitragvon Chactory » 25. Jul 2013, 21:42

Hi Bob!

I'm not very familiar to Pegasus Mail, but with Outlook, I've often tried to process IMAP, and it worked right with Spamihilator. Would it be ok for you, to post how you modified your mail-account entries? (You have to anonymize your name and password, of course.) And moreover, it would be of interest for me to look into the concerning log-file passages, as you mentioned above.

Kind regards,
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