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Outlook 2013

Beitragvon Phil Benjamin » 19. Jun 2013, 15:25

Hi there,

Does Spamihilator work with Outlook 2013?

I have Windows 7 64kb, and I have installed the program but nothing seems to have happened. How can I tell if it has installed correctly?

Phil Benjamin
Phil Benjamin

Re: Outlook 2013

Beitragvon Chactory » 19. Jun 2013, 21:31

Hi Phil Benjamin!

Welcome in our forums! :)
You have posted your question twice, so I have deleted one of the double posts.

Hmm, I do not know much about Outlook 2013, is this a new version for Windows 8?
I think, it will work as well as it does with Outlook 2010, which I am using today.

The problem may lie in the mail-account properties, which you have to prepare for
the usage with Spamihilator. It could be helpful for you to read the online help of
Spamihilator about the mail client configuration.

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