Problem with Outlook Express and Spamihilator

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Problem with Outlook Express and Spamihilator

Beitragvon Roy Todd » 12. Okt 2011, 05:13

I'm trying to register in order to be able to get access to support. I have a problem with Outlook Express and Spamihilator. Had been working for several years, but 10/6/2011 evening just crashed. Will corrupt the server file each time I try to load it. The server will no longer accept the email address and an additional prefix and suffix with & .......&port #. If I have successfully registered, please respond an let me know so that I can access the English version forum.
Roy Todd
Roy Todd


Beitragvon Chactory » 12. Okt 2011, 10:36

Hi Roy,

thank you for posting your question. Although the registration has not been successful, it is a pleasure for us to try to help.

Please give us a little insight in how you use Spamihilator.

I guess that something is corrupted, and that it could be the best just to clean up every memory. So begin with the training area and the recycle area.

After that it may be helpful to log in manually in the web-mail interface of you mail-provider in order to clean the mail stack manually for this one time.

Kind regards,
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