Timezone issue with Beta

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Timezone issue with Beta

Beitragvon onlymemdm » 19. Sep 2011, 20:30

I just installed the latest Beta and it appears that it is not adjusting message times in both the Recycle Bin & Training Area. Messages are being displayed as the current Eastern Standard Time (EST) for my computer minus 6 hours. When they arrive in my email client (Thunderbird 6.0.2) they are reflecting the correct time stamp.

Specific example:
Email message in Recycle Bin -> 9/19/2011, 07:56
Same Email message in TBird -> 9/19/2011, 1:36 PM

This is rather strange because if anything Berlin time should be 6 hours ahead of New York, but for some reason Spamihilator is subtracting 6 hours. Unless the 07:56 in the Recycle Bin is actually 7:56 PM! Either way, the current Beta is not handling the timezone adjustment correctly. We had a similar problem a couple of releases back, I believe.

By the way, I'm running the 32 Bit version of the Spami Beta on Windows 7.
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Re: Timezone issue with Beta

Beitragvon michel » 24. Sep 2011, 10:26


Thanks for your report. Did you have the same problems with as well? If you take a look at the changelog, you'll see that this issue should have been fixed in I just checked if anything related to that has been changed since then, but did not find anything. If you could please confirm that this bug did not exist in, it might be easier for me to find a solution. Thanks!

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