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Mailer Daemon

Beitragvon Fleuve Blanc » 2. Feb 2010, 11:10


Sory for my poor english i don't speak very well : i'm french.

Since 2 weeks I received from 10 to 20 "mailer daemon" per day on my captch all mail : postmaster (I receive the mails sent to that address does not exist but which are in my domain name). It appears that a robot using my domain name to spam. I would like to find a way for Spamihilator filter the mailer daemon only for the email address postmaster@(, but it lets those who go to my other mail.

Thank you for the help you'll give me.
Fleuve Blanc

Re: Mailer Daemon

Beitragvon Chactory » 2. Feb 2010, 12:32

Hi Fleuve Blanc!

You're wellcome! :)

In my opinion, it would be far better to deactivate the catchall function.

Else, perhaps try the new RULES Filter:
Clipboard02.gif (56.14 KiB) 1824-mal betrachtet
Maybe it is possible to construct a rule fitting to your demand. :)

Salut, Chactory
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Re: Mailer Daemon

Beitragvon Fleuve Blanc » 3. Feb 2010, 16:57

Thanks for your answer. I will tell you if it works after few days. ;-)
Fleuve Blanc

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