Spamihilator after upgrade downloads all e-mails again

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Spamihilator after upgrade downloads all e-mails again

Beitragvon Mirek-pl » 29. Dez 2009, 19:31


Today I've updated Spamihilator to v. and when I wanted to download new messages (in Outlook Express, using POP3 protocol) it started to download all e-mails stored on server (over 1.5GB).
Maybe it's because after installation I closed Setup Wizard (I thought that there is no need) - but when OE started to download all mails from beginning I stopped it and run Spamihilator's Setup Wizard manually and set all accounts to use Spamihilator. However OE connecting through Spamihilator started downloading all messages from begining too.
What can I do to make Spamihilator download only new messages? (I have about ten other e-mail accounts - together about 3-5GB of e-mails + 1GB already downloaded)
The "uid files" in Spamihilator's %AppData% directory seem to be fine. However it looks that they are not modified when downloading messages.

Update: It's strange - I remember that POP3 servers in OE where set to "localhost". After update it's - almost the same - but when I manually changed it back to "localhost" - Spamihilator started to download only new messages. Yuppi! :-) It's very strange, but tried it already on 6 accounts - "" - downloads all, "localhost" - only new (ie.: not downloaded by previous version). What is more strange, on one account works fine (downloads only new).
Now I don't have any idea what's wrong - when I change (just for test) localhost to - it continues downloading all messages.

I don't have any spyware, malware, viruses, trojans and any stuff that could influence on resolving localhost to I'm using Windows XP Pro SP3, OE 6, Nod32 AV + Outpost Firewall 2009, POP3 (Spamihilator at port 110, remote POP3 server @ 995 using SSL).

Problem for me is solved - but I'm a bit curious what is a cause of such behavior.


P.S.: Besides that Spamihilator seems to disconnect a bit slower than before.

Re: Spamihilator after upgrade downloads all e-mails again

Beitragvon Joe, IT9BLB » 2. Jan 2010, 11:01

Hallo Mirek-pl!
many, many thanks for your input!
I had exactly your same situation here and your
suggestion fixed my troubes.

Just to immage my personal problem: because
particular temporary needs, I have to leave about
1500 msgs on the mail server for one month.
I setup Outlook Express to download new messages
without deleting them from the server..... can you
see my face when I found "1540 NEW MESSAGES" :lol:

Happy 2010!


Re: Spamihilator after upgrade downloads all e-mails again

Beitragvon Chactory » 4. Jan 2010, 17:10

Hi together!

thanks for your notes! I hope that Michel Krämer will read them!

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Re: Spamihilator after upgrade downloads all e-mails again

Beitragvon Mirek-PL » 8. Jan 2010, 23:28

I'm glad that my post was at least a bit helpful for someone - especially that after solving problem during describing it, I wasn't sure if I still want to finish writing the post with my solution... Yes, I'm a bit lazy :-)
I only wanted to correct what I wrote before. I mentioned that one account works fine (downloads only new messages) despite POP3 being set to - however I realized now that at this mail account I do not store copies of messages on server - so there is no way to download old mails.


Re: Spamihilator after upgrade downloads all e-mails again

Beitragvon AndreasR » 9. Jan 2010, 00:03

Mirek-pl hat geschrieben:Now I don't have any idea what's wrong - when I change (just for test) localhost to - it continues downloading all messages.

Just a suggestion:
localhost is a dns Name stored in "hosts" file, for the loopback ip
so should work in every case, but if the hosts file is changed, deleted, corrupt.... localhost wouldnt work.
maybe this was the reason to change it from localhost to

a lill more suggesting:
also localhost and are "facing" the same computer, it is an other "name", not the same string...
so if outlook and / or spamihilator remembers 1000 mails for localhost, everything is fine.
but if you are trying to sync mails from an "other" server:, nothing can be compared...
outlook and / or spamihilator doesnt have any records for allready downloaded mails from "", only for "localhost".
To different names, but same destination...

in other words, if u use gmail, same thing could happen:
If you use the IP adress instead of the name, your software cant "know" that the same server in meant to be connected, and that the mails are allready downloaded (if you used before...)

just a suggestion...
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