Problem in x64

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Problem in x64

Beitragvon ZeeRuX » 18. Okt 2009, 18:19

I run Vista 64-bits and I have read about some problems with Spamihilator and x64. My problem:

If I go in to the trash in spamihilator and find a mail that is marked as spam and reset that mail, it removes automaticlly from trash and I never see that mail again?

Is this some of the 64-bits problems ? Will there be a update for x64?

Re: Problem in x64

Beitragvon Chactory » 19. Okt 2009, 18:03

Hello ZeeRuX!

Uncertain, but I don't believe, that this problem has to do with the 64-bit ... :?
This could rather be a problem with the user rights.
Problem development: Installation and operation under different users ...
By the way, Michel Krämer is working on a 64-bit version, actually.

Regards, Chactory
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Re: Problem in x64

Beitragvon ZeeRuX » 20. Okt 2009, 08:32

Sounds nice. Excellent program. I will try it on Windows 7 x64 on thursday and see. Do you have any e.t.a. on the 64-bits version? When I used Vista x86 I never had the problem with resetting mails. It started when I started to use the x64 and I have tried reinstall it several times. Even with a clean installation of Vista its still there. Right now I cant use it for just that issue but maybe it will not appear in 64-bits version =). Hopefully =)

Re: Problem in x64

Beitragvon ZeeRuX » 20. Okt 2009, 08:37

I forgot to say one thing about the issue.

I have another program connected to Spamihilator: Trillian. Trillian shows me when a new mail have arrived and the settings is the same there,

When I reset a mail in spamihilator it disappears but then Trillian tells me I have a new mail. But when I go in to my mailbrowser (Thunderbird) and it checks for mail, it tells me Ive got no new messages. When I recheck Trillian it tells me also there is no new mail. Weird. I will try it out a bit and see if I can use some of the plugins on your website. Thx.

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