Spamihilator doesn't work with Avira Antivir Premium 9

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Spamihilator doesn't work with Avira Antivir Premium 9

Beitragvon rubianes » 14. Jul 2009, 21:47

Hi all,

I've been using Spamihilaotr with Eudora 7 and Avira Antivir Premium 8 for a while, no problems for getting mails with Eudora.

I have upgraded Avira from 8 to 9 version and nowadays it is not possible to get mails from Eudora. For getting mails I have to desactivate the mail Antivir option (called Mailguard).

Do you have any ideas what is happening ?

Thanks in advance for your help

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Re: Spamihilator doesn't work with Avira Antivir Premium 9

Beitragvon Chactory » 14. Jul 2009, 22:40

Hello Rubianes!

I have a similar issue with G-Data Antivirus, and their service told me to deactivate the mail guard, because it checks mails double, first with an Outlook plugin, second with the general mail check. If you want to contiunue to use the Eudora combinated with Avira and Spamihilator, you will have to deactivate the mail guard. Perhaps you want to try another free antivirus software, like Avast? Or try to get familiar with Thunderbird mail client? Sorry for not having a better idea ... :oops:

Regards, Chactory
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