Update ISP Mailbox with Deleted Items fails

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Update ISP Mailbox with Deleted Items fails

Beitragvon jdijckmeester » 24. Mai 2009, 16:24

Recently I started to get a problem that data of permanently deleted (spam) mails, deleted either via Spami or via Delete in the Oulook Mail client, are not received back and processed at my ISP; The result is, that all deleted mails are coming back next time I pick up mail from the server. This used to occur now and then, now it seems permanentl.

I only have this poblem with one (main) ISP, when I download mails from other providers (Far lower mail volume) it all works OK. Spami does not give any indication of a problem with the mail exchange cycle with the ISP.

Can this have to do with available system recources at the moment that Spami is exchanging mails with the ISP? Anything to check or tweak in Spami or other system paramaters?

Thanks in advance for any comments and suggestions.

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Re: Update ISP Mailbox with Deleted Items fails

Beitragvon Chactory » 24. Mai 2009, 23:43

Hi jdijckmeester,

we had some announcements of repeatedly received mails. Possible reasons:
- Outlook rules defined twice
- blunder within the accounts, e.g. account configured twice
- problem with incredimail bak- and msg-files

Please check your mails in the training window for to discriminate, if they really have arrived multiple times, or if similar mails are received from more than one mail account.

Perhaps you will find helpful details within the log files, client.log and server.log.

Regards, Chactory
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