Need tu reload spamihilator avery 2 hours

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Need tu reload spamihilator avery 2 hours

Beitragvon magicmars » 7. Apr 2009, 23:49

HI everyone,

I'm using Spamihi for 2 years and find it's very nice program. Big thanx to the authors !

I run it on a Vista and Outlook 2007, but the probleme also appears before, when I was in XP.

When Spamhi is lauched as well as Outlook, everything seems to work normallyfor 2 or 3 hours. I always let Oulook opened on the PC. but after a while, When I press the send/ receive button on Outlook, I receive an error: " 0x80042108 -Outlook cannot connect to the incoming server (POP).
I cannot telnet localhost 110 either localhost 25

I need to exit Spamhini and relunch it to solve the problem !

Any help would be very nice from you

Re: Need tu reload spamihilator avery 2 hours

Beitragvon Chactory » 10. Apr 2009, 20:15

Hi magicmars!

This is a very interesting issue. To me, it sounds like server problems. Did you test this matter with another mail account, which uses a different server?

Regards, Chactory
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