AlphabetSoup plug-in: It tags on just one garbage word?

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AlphabetSoup plug-in: It tags on just one garbage word?

Beitragvon VanguardLH » 4. Feb 2008, 14:44

The AlphabetSoup Filter plug-in tagged an e-mail as spam which is an e-mail that I wrote. It is a tech support request so it has dates, usernames, has "Doh!" and "Duh!" (slap my head, slap their head, for stupid mistakes by each), it is a reply so it has the From with e-mail addresses of the sender, member IDs (numeric), but doesn't have much of what I'd call alphabet soup (series of words composed of random characters). The most garbled words would be the e-mail addresses (since words are not use for the usernames) but then this plug-in should be ignoring e-mail addresses, anyway.

What language is this plug-in based? How many words of random characters does it take to get an e-mail tagged as spam (there is no configuration of this plug-in)? What is the minimal word length (since obviously many abbreviations are 3 to 4 characters long)? The plug-in is just a blackbox with no configuration, no documentation, and no way to know why it decided to tag an e-mail as spam (the Reason field in the Recycle Bin is blank).
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Re: AlphabetSoup plug-in: It tags on just one garbage word?

Beitragvon anbuva » 1. Nov 2009, 12:48

Hallo VanguardLH!

excuse the very, very, late answer, which can happen easily sometimes :oops: . It can be, that we have sometimes not any suitable answer to your question. I answer here now, however, so that your question will not forget and you also see that we take seriously every contribution.

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