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Problems since the version x.31

BeitragVerfasst: 20. Aug 2007, 20:04
von anbuva

Reference: See also the FAQ for Vista (in the Forum)

Vista (or XP; problematic cases since the x.31 here only!):

Some new changes and features, which need a corresponding groundwork for users of previous versions at an update now, have embedded within Spamihilator as of the x.32 version, so that these work optimally also under Vista (XP.)
To avoid problems and for the use of these new functions is it required, that the user follows the following procedure now:

Backup the folders of your system!

1.) deinstallation of the old Spami version
2.) manual clearing up (delete) the (hidden) folders of

C:\program files\Spamihilator and

C:\users\"user name"\AppData/roaming/Spamihilator
C:\users\"user name"\AppData/Local/VirtualStore/Program files/Spamihilator

C:\documents and attitudes\"user name"\application data\Spamihilator

3.) installation of the Spami version together with the PlugIns under Vista (XP) which is here introduced and released; Please select at the set-up installation the separate attitudes

Absolutely, please notice: This concerns only users with problems, who, till now, have already used a Spamihilator version under Windows Vista (XP)!
All settings will be lost!