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Beitragvon azlang » 15. Jul 2005, 10:34

HELLO, I am using Spamihilator vers.
and I am really enthusiastic about it, and want to recommendi t to my friends.

But my family and I have a problem:

we are an Italian-Japanese family (and most of our friends in Florence, Italy, are Italian-Japanese families);

and when in the "training area of Sapamihilator" we want to use the "view message" command, (which is so useful for messages in English or italian, to decide if we are dealing with annoing unsolicited advertisements that we'd better tag as SPAM), when we receive messages in Japanese -since Spami cannot correctly visualize the japanese characters- when whe click on "view message", all we get is unreadable "jibberish": and therefore, we have to go through a lengthy process: that is, we have to tell Spami to restore the message, close Spami, open Outlook Express, press "receive" in Outlook Express, receive the Japanese message through Outlook Express (which might even be dangerous!), then tell Outlook Express to "block that sender and eliminate the message"; then open the Spami settings, select "blocked senders " and tell Spami to import the blocked sender's list from Outlook Express, so that we don't receive mail from that sender in the future: very, very time consuming!

Could you please invent a plug -in, an add-on patch, to enable Spami to correctly view messages in Jaopanese, at least during the "view message function", but if possible also to view the Japanese titles of messages fom the very beginning?

Please post replies with useful suggestions, comments or solutions!

Thank you very much!!!!!
Alberto Zaccagnini
(AZ Language Services)
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