using spami with exchange server , pop3 and ssl

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using spami with exchange server , pop3 and ssl

Beitragvon Gast » 9. Jun 2005, 15:59

Is there any reason why this shouldn't work?
My client is Eudora and I access email from a pop3 account on an Exchange server via SSL.
I have other accounts which I also access via POP3 and SSL eg

My gmail acccount can be accessed via spami but no matter what I try I can't access the Exchange account via spami.

The entry from the server log reads as follows:

Server Log started at: 09/06/2005 - 15:34:29
C: <Connecting to>
C: <Negotiating TLS - Further commands are under TLS layer>
15:34:34 S: +OK Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 POP3 server version 6.5.7226.0 ( ready.
15:34:34 C: USER WINSERVER\malcolm
15:36:04 C: QUIT

Is it something to do with certificates or what?

Hoping someone canhelp.



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