Retrieving emails only from Spami

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Retrieving emails only from Spami

Beitragvon Zaxon » 30. Mai 2005, 00:33

The plugin called POP3Notifier can be setup to fetch your emails from your accounts on a frequency basis. Eg: daily.

I've setup different check times on different email accounts which I have. Some email accounts I check every hour. Others, I check every couple of days.

With that in mind, I'd like to setup up my email client (outlook 2003) to be able to just fetch messages from spami, and not to prompt spami to reinterrogate the email server - that job I want to leave up to POP3Notifier.

Can this be done? No, according to what I know about Spami at the moment.

Essentially, you'd have to enable POP3Notifier to access your mail servers but deny Spami's regular "on demand" service from accessing the net. I do know that you have to manually configure POP3Notifier with your mail server passwords etc, apart from Spami, so it would appear that Spami's own mail account details are stored elsewhere from POP3Notifiers. Perhaps you could give incorrect mail server login details to spami, but the correct ones to POP3Notifier? You can also configure Outlook to access your mail every xx minutes, but to my knowledge, if this option is set it will always access your email when you first open up your client, as opposed to saying, "I'm supposed to access your email every 2 days. Even though you've justed opened me up, it's less than two days ago since my last access, so I won't bother doing it right now." I'm pretty sure outlook doesn't work like that.

OK. So how can I let POP3Notifier pick up 100% of my mail, and make my mail client just collect the mail which POP3Notifier has already fetched?
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