Proposition of change in Spami

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Proposition of change in Spami

Beitragvon Jiffax » 8. Mai 2005, 18:05


I just received 1000 spam mails because some spammer used my address as false sender of thousand of mails. And those spams where"returned mail", most of then non detected by spami.

When I launched my mailer, the time needed by Spami to process all those mails created a timeout between Eudora and Spami. As a consequence, spami processed all the mails which where not immediately received by Eudora.

I then opened the training area and filtered all the non detected spams (300). Then I launched the training process, and emptied the bin.

Then I launched Eudora, and received all the non detected spams that I have marked as spam in the training aera.

So my proposition is: when one marks as "non spam" a mail in the training aera, it is extracted from the bin and put in a queue "to be sent to the mailer". Can the opposite be implemented (that is non detected spam marked as spam in training area is, if still there, removed from the "to be sent to mailer" queue and transfered to the bin) ?

As a option: One can imagine to launch the spami "mail retreiving" process by a command, without having spami triggered either by the mailer or by the pop3notifier. It is possible to have it implemented ?

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