Wrong receive time in Outlook Express with IMAP

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Wrong receive time in Outlook Express with IMAP

Beitragvon MaxD » 22. Apr 2005, 19:53

The column "Received" in OE displays the e-mails 5-6 hours in the future.

I've been very puzzled by why OE suddenly started to display the wrong receive time. When the e-mail is opened it shows the correct time but not in the received column in the main window.

Today I finally tried to se if Spami was involved in the problem since IMAP support hasn't been supported for so long.

Every mail that is downloaded through Spami gets the wrong time, if Spami is disabled OE displays the time correct. I use a mail checker, MailBell, that also connects through Spami and it shows the correct time.

The problem doesn't exist for POP3.

If I drag the e-mail to an inbox for a account that not has Spami enabled it shows the time correct. If I move it back it's wrong again. I can't find anything strange with the mail header. I downloaded the same e-mail with Spami enabled/disabled and the header looks identical (could be wrong, haven't looked that thoroughly).

I'm not sure if MS screwed up OE or if it's something wrong with Spami.
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