No Secure pop3 login with MS 2003 Server

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No Secure pop3 login with MS 2003 Server

Beitragvon Gast » 7. Apr 2005, 20:26

Our IT group is using MS Windows 2003 with Active Directory Server They are eliminating pop3 access and moving to only secure pop3 (port 995).when outside the building

With Outlook Exress 6.0 and Spamhilator 0.9.9. (OS Windows 2000 Pro, service Pack 4) I am unable to log-in to this server in secure pop3 mode (but no problems with pop3, port 110). It times out. The package, however, successfully logs in to other secure pop3 servers using the defaukt parameter estavlished by the install wizard.

Alhough I am NOT a member of this particular domanin, I am a workgroup member and have routinely used this account (in pop3 , port 110 )

I have tried editing the spamhilator character string in the Outlook Express Acconts Properities to:

Changed local host to the IP address

Changed the Spamihilator default string to



I suspect this is some sort of server recognition/permissions issue (my account is machine admin privledged)

Is there a character string their MS 2003 Server will recognize for the account?


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