0.9.9 Hangs at first email!

For all users, who don't speak German!

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0.9.9 Hangs at first email!

Beitragvon Steve Nelson » 2. Apr 2005, 15:07

It's nice that there is an english forum, but I don't read German, and all the buttons text is still in German, so I hope that I press the right things to get this posted.
I'm setting up Spami on a new system, and am having a problem. Whenever I ask OE to get new mail, Spami fires up, and tells me it's downloading 1 of 233 (or whatever) emails. The first email seems to come in (it says that it's received 10.7k or whatever), but that is where everything stops! I never get any mail ending up in my inbox, and Spami never quits! The only way I've been able to actually retrieve email with Spami running is to disable the spam filter (which of course lets all the spam in).
Anyone have any ideas as to what I can try? I've really liked Spami in the past, but this 0.9.9 version is giving me fits!
(steve@guydon.com) I'm not sure if the 'Benutzername' is for email or for my name -- like I said, I don't speak German!

ps. I finally figured out how to register for the forum, and was able to tell it that I speak English -- that's much better now. I've really got to start picking up some other languages. I actually took German in High School (way too many years ago).
Steve Nelson
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