Spamihilator and Thunderbird

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Spamihilator and Thunderbird

Beitragvon Grunger` » 28. Mär 2005, 08:34


I have been using Spamihilator since 2003 with Outlook Express 6.
Now, since 2005 I started to use Thunderbird. (latest version to date)

Here is the problem.
-> I am able to receive emails and to send emails. But the funny part is,...that after 5 minutes I have received my "good" emails in my inbox,...spamihilator starts to run,...and it sometimes has 8 spammails (or more) that spamihilator keeps in his trainingarea! (which is off course a very good thing)

How come spamihilator notices me for spammails after 5 minutes I have checked my inbox in thunderbird? When I check my emails in thunderbird,..spamihilator runs too,..I can see the icon in the systray animate,...but it only shows (and notifies me) the spammails after 5 minutes,....

otherwise,...great software,...I wouldn't use another! :)


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