Few cosmetic suggestions

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Few cosmetic suggestions

Beitragvon Gast » 15. Mär 2005, 17:43

Got few cosmetic suggestions:
- in the about box, background of the copyrights, mail, version number and of course the logo is white but background for the rest of the upper part of this windows is not white. It has default color of windows, I mean edits, combo boxes etc. not button faces and normal windows color. You can see that in any Windows with not-standard color scheme. This bug is beacuse in typical Windows color scheme combo boxes, edits etc. have white background so this part of the window has it too. Any other window and controls looks great,
- in the 0.9.9 version, training area window was modified so the list view box displays different colors for spam and not-spam, I think that not everybody likes that (I like plain Windows design, no fancy XP-like stuff) so it would be nice if there would be an option like 'use colors for marking spam and not-spam' in the configuration.
Sorry for poor spelling and grammar, hope that you'll understand :).

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