Suggested Enhancement - "To:" Field in Recycle Bin

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Suggested Enhancement - "To:" Field in Recycle Bin

Beitragvon Mwewe » 2. Jan 2005, 21:14

Greetings all,

I occasionally use a program to screen mail before downloading when I'm on travel and have slow connections. It displays not only Subject: and From: fields, but also the To: field.

I was on travel the other day and used it, and was struck by how much it helped me in scanning for mail versus spam. If a subject was blank or a sender was questionable, I could quickly decide an item was spam if it was not addressed to me.

Then I noticed that most of my spam is addressed to someone else but very few of my legitimate e-mails are addressed to other people.

I decided then that I should add the To: field to my Recycle Bin in Spami and it would speed up reviewing deleted mail. Alas, Spami has no capability to modify the fields, all one can do is change the sort order.

If there's a list somewhere of possible enhancements to consider, I'd appreciate adding this suggestion to it.

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