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New Feature Suggestions

Beitragvon Gast » 15. Dez 2004, 11:13


Some suggestions for new features that Spamihilator doesn't yet have:

- Negative spam percentage. If many legitimate emails have certain spam words (ie. online order confirmations might have a lot of those), it would be good to lower the spam percent by setting negative values for some word. Ie. if there's "Ebay" or "Amazon", for example, mentioned, I might want to add -20% so the order confirmations wouldn't go to spam bin but still without making words abowe too "mild" so real spam wouldn't be detected

- Also, my server has a spam filter that tags "***SPAM***" to every spam (subject field), but it detects maybe 80% of the spam. With that, I use SpamBayes (for many reasons, though I know Spamihilator has bayesian filter too) to make additional tagging ("spam," addition to the subject, if it is considered as spam). So, it'd be nice to lower points (-50% for example) for the messages that does NOT have these words, ie. "if there is no <define-words-here>, then add: '-50%' to the message points" function. This would prevent all order confirmations for marked spams and still not let the "***SPAM***" and/or "spam," tagget messages to my inbox.

- "Forward To" button/function and/or "Copy All Contents From Selected Message". I'd love to report every spam to Spamcop simply by forwarding it via email or copy-pasting the message to their web form. Now I have to double click a spam (and HOPE the window opens, many times it doesn't until I shut down and restart Spamihilator), select all by hand (CTRL-A = "select all" common shortcut does not work!) and paste the message to the web form and/or hand-made abuse@the-spammers-ISP email. Might be good idea to "automatize" the function or make it easier to do this.

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