Incompatibility with Systemsuite Autoemail scan

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Incompatibility with Systemsuite Autoemail scan

Beitragvon Gast » 30. Sep 2004, 23:26

I would like to report that the program may not be compatible with some Email virus checkers running as background tasks.

When Systemsuite v5 and enabled Auto email scan as a background task, Spami cannot download some messages. It can log into the POP3 server but returns an error message that "Spamilhilator cannot download one or more messages." Spami stays logged onto the POP3 server until timeout.

Note that some messages will be downloaded, others not. Whether or not the messages are spam, or contain attachments, does not seem to matter. I have not been able to determine the cause of the incompatibility.

NOTE: The Systemsuite background --Virus scanner-- and Spami are fully compatible. It is only the --Autoemail-- scan which causes the problem!

Apparently the incompatibility is caused only by certain email characteristics that the trigger autoemail scan. Note that if any one or more emails in the batch triggers the Autoemail scan,then Spami will not NONE of the emails in the batch.

My current workaround is to disable Autoemail scan. I continue to use the Systemsuite background Virus Scan with full compatibility with Spami. If the Spami Attachments filter is on, most risky attachments can be avoided by extension type (e.g. .pif, ext. .bat, .vbs, etc.).

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