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POP3Notifier / OE 6

Beitragvon Gast » 3. Sep 2004, 16:23

I am unable to properly configure this plug-in to work.

Spami is properly configured and works fine.


My OE 6 E-mail properties are as follows:

( "myname" and "myisp" are fictional )


E-Mail Address: myname@myisp.com


POP3 server

Incoming Mail: localhost

Account Name:

Password: "remembered"


Incoming Mail[POP3]: 120


When I go to the "add account" frame of the plug-in, and double-click to import my E-mail info from Spami, the following is placed in the "new account" blanks:

Username: myname/pop-server.myisp.com

POP3 Server:

POP3 server port: 110

When I test this connection, I get a "Could not connect to this server".

When I change the port to 120, and test, I get a "Spami" error message" :

"The user name in the client mail program has the wrong format. Use the right format: [pop3server]&[username]&[port]"

I've tried various combos in the blanks with no success - what should be the correct entries in the "new account" frame of the plug-in.

Thanks in advance.

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