The UID Message changed unexpectedly

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Gib den Code genau so ein, wie du ihn siehst; Groß- und Kleinschreibung wird nicht unterschieden.
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Re: The UID Message changed unexpectedly

Beitrag von Chactory » 30. Aug 2014, 22:32


I’m not a mail expert at all, and by remote without any information about your components and the preceeding activity, I wouldn’t have a chance anyway, even if I was …

One possibility: you are reading your mails with more than one client.


The UID Message changed unexpectedly

Beitrag von iwork2ski » 27. Aug 2014, 16:43

I have been getting a error message after installing Spamihilator.
"The UID of a message changed unexpectedly. This typically indicates a server bug. You program may not function properly after this."

MsgSeqNum 15: Previous UID: 20836, New UID: 20841
Protocol: IMAP
Port: 143
Error Code: 0x800CCCDB

Any ideas what this error is coming up?

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