Spami only works part time

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Re: Spami only works part time

Beitrag von Chactory » 26. Nov 2011, 00:00

Hi JCTerrier!

Thank you for your question!
After having pondered a while about what you wrote,
could it be a matter of server availability?


Spami only works part time

Beitrag von JCTerrier » 24. Nov 2011, 13:49


My spami works only half of the time.

When I check for mail from Eudora v7 for 6 personas, spami
remains idle for one cycle i.e. as if Eudora was not checking
for new mail. After a while, Eudora tasks all time out and
generate error messages.

On the next cycle, spami works normally and does a great job
at weeding out spam with very few false positives or false negatives.

I am wondering what happens at the end of a "working" cycle
or in the interval that follows to cause spami to not activate
at the start of the next cycle.

This has been going on for a few months, first under XP with
various versions of spami and now under Win 7 and spami 1.0 64-bit.
In the transition to a new machine, I moved the eudora.ini file
and did an export-import of spami settings.

Thanks for anything leading to a solution.

Best regards to all


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