Minor blacklist filter bug

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Beitrag von Chactory » 5. Mai 2007, 22:24

Hello Benher!

Sorry for not answering faster, but I didn't understand your suggestion until now - if ever. :wink:

I assume, that you were talking about "A Backlist Filter" of Mark Edwards. Then it doesn't seem to me to be a mistake, when a filtered mail appears in the training area. Perhaps it's easier to work with Spamihilator and his brilliant training area, when you check the functions "pre-mark spam mails" and "pre-mark non-spam mails" in the settings. Then you should find the mails recognized as spam marked with a little red devil envelope symbol. So this shows that the filter works fine. And then, the Learning Filter may learn from all those spam mails.

With kind regards, Chactory

Minor blacklist filter bug

Beitrag von benher » 20. Apr 2007, 22:31

Hello all,

The "cache IP addresses of blacklisted servers" feature works fine
...except where future emails that match bad IPs are placed.

The first time an IP is looked up through some dnsbl service and found to be a spammer, the email in question is placed in recycle bin or training area...whichever is chosen on the [options] tab of blacklist filter settings.

Any additional email who's IP matches that (now cached) IP gets placed into the training area.

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