Satanic Icon

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Gib den Code genau so ein, wie du ihn siehst; Groß- und Kleinschreibung wird nicht unterschieden.
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Re: Satanic Icon

Beitrag von Chactory » 23. Okt 2010, 10:33


Thank you for your friendly comment on Spamihilator.

I still do not understand your question, because I can't follow, which toolbar you're talking of. A screenshot or an explanation would be helpful.


Re: Satanic Icon

Beitrag von Spammer » 21. Okt 2010, 17:45

Thanks for reply. Toolbar icon still could not be changed. I only can change system tray icons. How could i change the toolbar icons? :roll:

p/s Eventhough i felt uncomfortable with that icons, Spamihilator always do well job filtering spam emails.

Re: Satanic Icon

Beitrag von Chactory » 20. Okt 2010, 23:07


You can replace Spamihilator icons you dislike by yourself.
Just look into your c:\programs\spamihilator\icons directory.
Where did you come across the icon you mentioned?

Regards, Chactory

Satanic Icon

Beitrag von Spammer » 20. Okt 2010, 19:04

Is there spamihilator icon that be used to replace satanic mail icon? I really dislike satanic icon. If it can be change, please let me know how to change it. I really hope spamihilator has new theme and cool icon rather than spoooky icon. :D

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