URL filtering

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Re: URL filtering

Beitrag von anbuva » 6. Jul 2010, 18:59

Hallo toby!

You could manually try to expand the list of addresses of the linkfilter. Because the list is available in SQL, you can add the addresses manually. I myself had been able to try this successfully already with some links. You should only use an appropriate program for that. This should already be suitable for larger amounts of data.

Another way to try it, would be to pack all the bad links (good links) in a self-made "spam message" ("non-Spam") and then to have to learn from the learning-filter. This had also worked with me before.


Re: URL filtering

Beitrag von toby » 6. Jul 2010, 05:43

Thanks for replying to my question...

I would like to be able to use blacklists like those available at uribl.com and surbl.org

The message body is checked for URLs and if they are present in those blacklists, the email is marked as spam.

I think the Link Filter does this, but it looks like you need to enter unwanted links manually - you can't automatically check links against these blacklists.

Is this possible to do?

Re: URL filtering

Beitrag von anbuva » 2. Jul 2010, 18:48


it is about a filter? Or is it just a matter of existing addresses (from a website that offers such a thing) to be incorporated. I think we need a few more details


Re: URL filtering

Beitrag von Chactory » 1. Jul 2010, 17:44

Hallo toby!

Sorry, I didn't take notice of your question ... I'm not very skilled in the use of blacklist filters, because I don't like the at all ... (because their results is out of my control). Did you already try out, if Spamihilator's blacklist plugin still works? I hope that Anbuva reads this, he will know more ...

Regards, Chactory

Re: URL filtering

Beitrag von toby » 30. Jun 2010, 05:26

Hello? Can anyone answer my question? :)

URL filtering

Beitrag von toby » 16. Jun 2010, 04:17


I would like to use public url blacklists in spami - is this possible?


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