ssl certificate

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Re: thunderbird ssl

Beitrag von Chactory » 17. Mai 2015, 19:53

Hi SR2K,

welcome in the forum, and excuse me for not answering until today!

I'm not using Thunderbird, and I'm not familiar with certifcates, unfortunately.
If it's really a message from Spamihilator, then I myself believe it's ok.
Michel Krämer, the program author, has been reliable and honest over many years.

And thanks a ton for your friendly words!

Kind regards,

thunderbird ssl

Beitrag von SR2K » 23. Apr 2015, 13:47

When i use spamihilator with Thunderbird i get a pop saying spamihilator is changing the ssl certificates and whether i should allow and trust the change.
Is this normal i am a bit wary on if i should trust this change or not any advice would be appreciated.

Also would like to say you're program works very good i really like it.

ssl certificate

Beitrag von SR2K » 23. Apr 2015, 13:45

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